Esther Martin

I first starting working with Laura, the owner of “Esther Martin” in late Spring of 2014. We had made contact via Twitter and followed up via email. It quickly became apparent that Laura had a very fixed idea of what she was looking for, so armed with her sketches and lengthy descriptions I set about translating her ideas and vision into reality.

As the site began to take shape we added in more content and made a lot of tweaks to get it just right before going live. The end result is a fantastic website that really mirrored the vision that Laura had at the beginning of the project.

I had spent some months trying to find someone to develop my website.  As a social enterprise and a mobile retailer, my website was to be my ‘shop window’, promoting our mission, and so it was important to get it right.

As a complete novice in the world of web-speak, I was daunted by the task ahead of me however from our first conversation, Babs put me completely at ease, explaining everything clearly so I understood the process and reassuring me that there was no such thing as a stupid question.  She was quick to grasp the concept of my enterprise and impressively, she even sent an initial ‘concept site’ following our first discussion to demonstrate this.

Babs was extremely patient throughout the entire process, assisting with my many requests and was keen to ensure the site was exactly as I wanted it before we went live.  It’s easy to have a vision of how you expect your site to look but even harder for someone else to interpret that for you, and to get it right, but Babs did.  She far exceeded my expectations of the web building process, taking what at first seemed a long and daunting journey into a pleasurable and exciting experience.

Following the launch of the site, I’ve had such positive feedback from clients, consumers, colleagues, relatives and friends, so thank you Babs!


Owner, Esther Martin